Hadashboard Darksky Units Incorrect

Have setup darksky in HASS configuration.yaml with ‘ca’ units

- platform: darksky
  api_key: xxx
    - summary
    - apparent_temperature
    - pressure
    - precip_type
    - precip_probability
    - temperature
    - humidity
    - precip_probability
    - precip_intensity
    - wind_speed
    - wind_bearing
    - icon
  units: 'ca'
  update interval: 
    minutes: 10

and Haweather in Hadashboard main.erb as follows

<li data-row="1" data-col="3" data-sizex="2" data-sizey="2">
  <div data-id="weather" data-view="Haweather" data-unit="&deg;C" data-color="#FF0000"></div>

but it’s still showing rain in inches and wind speed in Mph
On the HASS developer screen these show up ok.

What am I doing wrong?

Cheers, Ron

I would like to know too, the widget seems to accept an (undocumented) units: “° C” parameter, to change temp to C, but I still get rainfall in inches and wind speed in Mph.

Documentation is here, for those looking for it, currently no indication of how to specify units.


For completeness, I have the following in my dashboard:

widget_type: weather
units: "°C

I couldn’t find any follow up posts. I found that the units (other than temperature) are hard-coded into the widget’s html. I edited basegroup.html to show mm, hPa and m/s. The values from Home Assistant are in the correct units.
I also edited the css & weather.yaml to support a title & title2 with styles

I modified


I suppose I should have created a custom widget rather than editing directly?