Haos 10.0 not installing

hi, hope someone can help on this one

i am running ha on a rpi4 with an external ssd; when trying to update from haos 8.5 to 10.0 everything stops working and i have to flash the ssd and start from a backup

what might be wrong here and how can it be solved?


I have the same problem.


Yep, same issue. I upgraded from 9.5 to 10 and I can now no longer reach the HA server. I don’t have an external SSD, just the rpi4 with the standard SD card.

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Hi, Same problem here for me, with an external SSD. I had to reinstall Home assistant from scratch.

Same problem.

I’m running the x86 version on a dedicated mini PC and lost everything. I ended up reverting back to a nightly full backup.

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Is there an update on this issue?
Anyone aware of this being solved?

I upgraded from 9.5 to 10, and it is basically boot looping the HA container. Initiating a restore from a backup, when it does boot, does absolutely nothing.

I did no install HAOS 10.x because I strongly suspect I will encounter this issue. (Rpi4B-8G booting from M.2 SSD) This morning I note that the HAOS 10.x update is no longer being offered. does anyone know if it was pulled?

You are right - maybe pulled. I did not install it and it is not offered anymore.

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Confirmed - the notes for the bug you linked state this has been pulled off the stable channel. THey id the issue and looks like HAOS 10.1 has a fix planned that addresses the issue.

I made the mistake of upgrading last night, and it broke home assistant. I can’t access the web URL and nothing appears to be working. I’m very new to this… can anyone point me in the right direction? Running on Virtualbox on Mac.