HAOS in Proxmox 7 crashes on HA updates

I have installed HAOS from a qcow image on my Proxmox 7 system. I’ve noticed a few issues that are causing me headaches.

There is a core update available, but whenever I try to run it, the VM shuts down. I’ve tried to run the core update command from the CLI, but the VM shuts down as well.

I’ve reinstalled following multiple sets of instructions from here on the Forum, but experience the same thing over and over. One thing I also notice is that when visiting the URL initially, the system shuts down. I do have an instance running right now that has all my old data imported, but I’m just unable to upgrade to 2022.12.06.

Same thing happent to one of my installs.
the console is available, and supervisor log says core/home assistan has crashed
and no other or more detailed errors are available.
i have created a clone just before the update so i don’t waste time recovering, but i can’t point to a cause from eiter proxmox or ha, and on my other installs, with the same proxmox, the update is applied without problems

In short, after some time with this issue, i have found that the HDD on which the Hypervisor was installed was faulty. So after replacing the hdd i no longer have this issue.