HAOS in VM with Same USBID

This is not a specific HomeAssistant question, but not sure how to proceed here. I have HAOS running on a Linux host that runs KVM, my old host failed so I replaced it with a new machine AMD Ryzen 5000 series if that is potentially relevant. I have two VMs running one for my weather station and the other for HomeAssistant SkyConnect. Both use the CP2102X USB to Serial devices as their means of communication, this has caused some problems as of late where the USB path (bus slot and port) change. As far as I know in KVM (libvirt) there is no method to support specifying an iProduct identifier since SkyConnect identifies its self. I tried a udev rule which works great, but since libvirt directly maps to vendor and product ID there’s no much differentiation since they’re the same.

I have ended up with Zigbee being offline until I log back into the machine to swap the bus and slot and then reboot the VM. This happens every couple of days.

How have others solved this? I’m tempted to try to burn the Weather station CP2012 EEPROM to change the PID but thats dangerous since I could end up corrupting the chip. Not sure what else to try but would like to have a stable zigbee network.