HAOS Supervisor version conflict when trying Restore - Fails

Looks like this issue came back and using the Curl command didn’t bring back the latest Supervisor. Also, odd that I wasn’t on the Beta when previously updating Core and HAOS.

Log: “23-12-04 15:49:13 ERROR (MainThread) [supervisor.backups.manager] Backup was made on supervisor version 2023.11.7.dev3002, can’t restore on 2023.11.6. Must update supervisor first.”

I was at root with port 22222 and Supervisor updated to “latest”…but… latest was still 2023.11.6. Is there a work around to grab a specific version of Supervisor so I can finish my rebuild? Strange I had a more recent version of Supervisor 2 days ago then pulling current HAOS down today…

RPi4 8g, HAOS


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