Happy 7th birthday Home Assistant! 🎉

This week Home Assistant turns seven years old, wild! It all started with me automating my Hue lights when the sun was setting and someone was home, and now we’re here. 😎

It’s been a crazy busy year. We’ve seen our contributions increase since the pandemic started, and it hasn’t lowered. To give some numbers, in the last 4 weeks, we have merged more than 1400 contributions! The core of Home Assistant has seen contributions from over 2100 different people at this point. And that doesn’t include the work that is being done on our frontend, iOS app, Android app or any of the documentation websites.

All these people are working to make Home Assistant the best home automation software out there. For anyone to enjoy for free. With our focus on local control and privacy, we give people worldwide the ability to live their life. No fear that your smart home stops working when a manufacturer decides to pull the plug. No fear that your life is shared with third parties to improve the experience of a light bulb. Your home, your data, your life.

In the last year, we’ve seen Home Assistant get more user friendly, more powerful and receive significant performance improvements. We’re continuing to be able to give everyone a great experience, regardless of expertise level.

We’re going to celebrate it this year with not just one day, but with a whole week of daily announcements and various releases. 🎁 So check back each day this week to catch the latest!

Also, keep an eye out for the next episode of the Home Assistant Podcast this Thursday. I’ll be joining Phil and Rohan to discuss literally everything. It will be a great episode.

Happy birthday!


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Yay! Awesome work!

Keep it coming!

yaaaaay happy birthday HA!

What a great product, and it keeps getting better! Huge thank you to everyone who has contributed anything!

Thank you for the on going effort to make this a wonderful product.
Happy birthday!

Also brings people together :wink:

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Thanks Guys

! ! H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y ! !

It’s not just a product - it’s a community :slight_smile:

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I got to know you at 5 years…

I wish have seen you born…

Hope you will be grown up soon!


happy birthday home assistant :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday :birthday::clinking_glasses:

Happy Birthday !

Happy Birthday!

Few things have introduced so much “magic” into my family’s life. This is the closest we can get right now to livin’ that Jetsons life.

Happy Birthday Home Assistant! :partying_face:

It’s incredible how far things have come over the last few years, and it’s only going to get better.

Congrats! and thank you so much

I think the amount of dedication that this group has - everybody, creators, users, new joiners. I think no other automation community has this kind of speed and integration. For those who believe 7th is a lucky number, I am sure it will bring lot of new features as well as flexibility and stability. Congrats!

Happy Bday !!!

Van harte gefeliciteerd !!! (Dutch)

Happy Birthday, Home Assistant !

Happy Birthday Home Assistant!!! Thank you for the vision Paulus and to all the great contributors and community that make this home automation platform possible. :clap:t2: :beers: :birthday:

Best behaved 7 years old I’ve ever met. Never complaints when doing their chores, always on time, and it already speaks a gazillion languages.

Plus it’s a gateway drug to so many other things related to home automation so no worries of getting bored no matter how much spare time I have. The community is amazingly helpful and all new gadgets in my home has to be able to integrate with HA, otherwise I’ll just find something else.