Hardware suggestion for exhaust fan control with Esphome

Hi all,

I would like to control an exhaust fan with Esphome. (This fan.)

The fan information leaflet mentions:
"Smooth or step speed control with a thyristor or
autotransformer speed controller.

Fan specs:
V: 230
W: 100
A: 0,44

Looking at the above, a PWM controller is out of the question, am I right? Any hardware suggestions to control this fan?

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The fan is at 230V and PWM control is out of the question. Maybe there is a motor regulator controlled by low voltage 5V, but I have never met it. You can control the fan on / off via relays (contacts or SSR) and for example D1 mini.
Just be careful when selecting the SSR relay and its current load. The motor can have up to 10 times more current when starting.

Other option is to add a simple switch? zigbee/wifi…of course a lot less options to play with but at least you have HA integration.