Harmony Hub Activities

Is it normal that only the first activity is discovered in HA and displayed on the front-end?


  - platform: harmony
    name: Master Bedroom

remote.master_bedroom on current_activity: Watch TV friendly_name: Master Bedroom

Three activities were setup prior to adding to HA.

Mine did the same thing

It’s telling you what your current activity IS not what’s available, you can only have one activity on at a time.

Can trigger activities automation’s that’s not listed in HA?

You can only get the state to display as you’ve found, you have to set up everything else yourself as per all the guides.

Improper question:

Can I trigger the entities listed in the config:
32790762 - Watch Fire TV
32791496 - Bedroom AC
32790614 - Watch TV
-1 - PowerOff

Same answer in less words…yes!

Have you read this yet…

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Yes, didn’t really understand it, thought it would of been easier to find out from someone who may have already done it.