Harmony hub and HA 0.112.4

Everything is ok with the new version 0.112.4 and harmony hub? for me and 0.112.4 HUB sometimes working sometimes not… very strange.
With version 0.111.4 harmony hub is 100% stable 24/7 so I seat all time on 0.111.4.


What’s not working. It works fine for me. Also, what protocol are you using with harmony, xmpp or the official api?

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With 0.112.4 I have in log error with something about old xmpp so I think I use xmpp but I dont remember … how to check this?

After update do 0.112.4 harmony working out after half day or day stop working.
After this I always back to 0.111.4 :slight_smile:

I have the same warning, but it’s just to say that by default the component uses the sockets API. You can switch to use the old XMPP API, but you’ll need to enable that in the logitech harmony app.

I’m using it in a default configuration (Sockets) and it’s fine for me.

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I so I had XMPP I will try disable and use default api.

Many errors in log but works we will see how long.

Here harmony work great without any problems. XMPP enabled

My report after few days now without XMPP everything is ok.