Harmony Hub: Emulated Roku vs Emulated Hue


i was wondering what were the issues between emulated_roku and emulated_hue when it comes to terms of trying to control HA with the press of a physical button on the remote. The Harmony Elite Hub seems to be able to control both components, so maybe someone has an idea why i should prefer one or the other.

As far as i understand, emulated_hue exposes all triggerable components via the Hue API, and Harmony could see HA as a Hue bridge and control these components as if they were hue bulbs. Is the harmony able to control more than one hue bridge, since it is currently paired with my physical bridge as well.

So, emulated_roku is similar, except it doesn’t expose switches and such, but merely media player controls, so the reason why it is recommended in the forum is because maybe older harmonys can only adapt media players - but the Elite Hub has dedicated buttons for home automation devices.

Currently i tend towards emulated_hue, but i am unsure. What would you recommend?

I use emulated hue for this, but be warned: 1. Harmony screwed everyone over in December 19, required major overhauls to the harmony component (this isn’t really related to your question, just thought you should know the history). 2. Emulated hue can be a headache. The current ‘owners’ of emulated hue integration keep breaking functionality every version.

I’ve never used emulated roku, so I can’t really give input.

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I don’t think that the harmony hub supports multiple bridges without some workaround, but I’m not sure.

I’m not really familiar with emulated hue, as far as I understand emulated hue exposes the devices and you would see the devices as bulbs to control in harmony, where as with emulated roku the button press on the harmony gets catched and you act on the specific button pressed.
I currently use emulated roku and it works really good for my use cases. E.g turn on lights when I press the pause button in any activity.

Could you maybe tell us your use cases, so that we can evaluate which option might be the best?

@petro Yeah, regarding 1: I am aware of this. After the major shitstorm, they added it back, and i am glad they did. If they decide to remove it, i’ll still have an excellent remote. Currently i do not see any advantage of sending remote commands via HA and the hub, since when i want to power on my TV, i am quite sure i am in the room as well and and in reach of the physical remote, but i still want to integrate the harmony as far as i can for now, because maybe i’ll get an idea somewhen. Maybe with a second hub and the IR receiver of my ceiling fan, who knows :wink:

@Burningstone Thanks, that was the answer i was looking for. So i’ll set up emulated_roku first, for testing, and see if i’ll be happy with it

Let me know in case you need some help setting it up. I struggled a bit with the initial setup :sweat_smile: