Harmony Hub remote.turn_on not working

(Full background and context included below). I made some changes to my harmony config when HA stopped being able to recognize one of my hubs. The changes caused HA to rename the hub entity_id. I fixed all of my automations and scripts but now the remote.turn_on service is not working for only the renamed hub. Curiously, everything else about the hub is working just fine. it’s only remote.turn_on as far as I can tell.

  • Both are set up identically using discovery: and both appear in HA just fine.

  • They both work using the Harmony app to turn on activities and send individual device commands.

  • remote.send_command works to send individual device commands from both hubs.

  • BUT for some reason remote.turn_on works with Hub 2 and doesn’t work with Hub 1 (the renamed hub). Even using the service dev tool, Hub 1 just won’t respond to remote.turn_on

Hub 1 doesn’t post any errors to the log when it fails.

Any thoughts? Is there a way to wipe the Harmony component and start from scratch?

Full context:

I have two harmony hubs. Hub 1 I’ve had from the beginning of my time with Home Assistant, and I had configured it using remote: in the configuration file. Hub 2 I bought about a year ago and was auto-discovered using discovery:. They both worked fine for as long as I can remember

Recently, Hub 1 stopped working - logs threw up errors saying it couldn’t be found at its IP address. Looking at the docs, I saw that discovery: became the preferred method for setting up hubs so I’d just remove the remote: configuration and let home assistant auto-discover Hub 1. It made sense for them to be set up the same way anyway. That didn’t fix the problem. I eventually found that doing a sync in the Harmony app fixed the problem, and Hub 1 appeared in HA once more.

But since Hub 1 was auto-discovered this time, HA assigned it a new name based on how it’s labeled in the Harmony app. No big deal - I went through all my files and fixed everything related to automations/scripts. Now I’ve discovered the problem outlined above. I can use the hub to do anything except remote.turn_on. Very frustrating.

I ended up setting up the hubs from scratch and re-including everything piece by piece to get this working again. No idea what the problem was, but a very frustrating and time consuming fix. If anyone comes across the same thing, I’m afraid that’s the best I can tell you!

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Hi there,

IK seem to have stumbled upon this issue. remote.send_command works fine for my hub, but remote.turn_on seems to stop working after some time. A reboot solves it for a bit.

When you say you set everything up again, do you mean you reset the Harmony Hub ?