Harmony nor Alexa seeing emulated_hue devices

Bear with me, I’ve tried a lot so far to get this to work… My setup is HASSIO running on a Pi connected via Wifi. I have a Conbee stick running deConz with a Tradfri bulb and Tradfri Zigbee switch connected. Those work fine in Home Assistant. I have a Logitech Harmony Hub and Companion remote, and 2 x Amazon Echo Dot Gen3.

The router is an Ubiquiti Edgerouter X and WAP is a Unifi AC Lite.

I’m trying to setup emulated_hue to work on my Logitech Harmony and Alexa on an Echo Dot 3. I understand the Dot 3 may not work, but I feel like Harmony should still see it, huh? I cannot get the Harmony iOS app nor desktop app nor Alexa app nor Alexa web app nor iOS Hue v1 App nor Hue Windows apps to discover the emulated_hue bridge / devices. The /description.xml and /api/pi/lights is working fine and I see the devices that I want to see based upon how I have configuration.yaml setup.

I started with HASSIO and Dots on different VLANs. I moved them to the same IOT VLAN and that didn’t work. I moved everything over to my main LAN and deleted the IOT isolation firewall rules and that hasn’t worked. I have changed the listening port between 80 and 8300 and back and forth several times. I use nginx and I’ve blanked out the port 80 mapping, and I’ve tried stopping nginx and trying the discoveries. I’ve tried with just “emulated_hue:” in configuration.yaml and I’ve tried specifying the devices I want exposed and setting the Host IP and port. I’ve rebooted HASSIO numerous times and tried discovering as it was booting. I started all this on HASSIO .86.4 and upgraded to .87 last night.

I’m not clear if UPNP matters, but I’ve enabled that on my Edgerouter and a UPNP discovery app on my computer finds the Edgerouter and FireTV stick, so I feel like that’s working now. And HASSIO .87 discovers the Edgerouter IGD.

The Hue apps let me specify an IP address, but even with that they don’t see the emulated_hue bridge. I feel like it may be a networking issue, but when a browser on the Windows machine can see the pages, then why can’t other programs on the same machine figure out the bridge? Is there some magic checkbox I’m not checking somewhere and I’ll hate myself because I’ve looked at it 50 times and not seen it.

Output of /api/pi/lights when I had just lights and switches exposed (it validates on a JSON Lint webpage) https://pastebin.com/qt05zXsV

Emulated hue doesn’t work with dot 3’s. You need at least one dot 1 or 2 on your network for discovery to work with emulated hue.

Should work fine with the harmony.