HASS and Rpi crashing

I am running HASS 0.38.2 all in one installer on a Rpi 3 which has been running for about 6 months fine, but the last couple of days the pi has crashed twice. both times I couldn’t even ssh…I have had to hard reset to get it back.
I’m not very familiar with linux and am not sure how to diagnose.

Whats the best approach with this? I’m not really keen to rebuild the pi.

A few ideas to look at.

  1. Make a backup of your sd card, just in case it is getting worn out.
  2. Try command df -h to check that there is enough space on the card
  3. Look at /var/log/syslog and /var/log/messages to see if there is any information there.
  4. Look at the output of top. One of the first few lines show the amount of memory in use for the system, which may be running out.
  5. Use the System monitor component to track ram, disk and cpu use.

HI Graham,

thanks for the tips…

I’m not sure but I think it may be running out of space? /run appears to be growing…

  1. great idea I will do that now

3. Could not see anything obvious here… a couple warnings, I did notice there were days of logs missing which is wierd

5. Is the sys mon showing disk for the home dir only?

There is nothing obviously wrong I can see at the moment.

I understand there is a memory leak in version 0.39, and it could be that it was also present in version 0.38.2, so I would keep an eye on the RAM Free. If that goes down consistently, try restarting HA to see if it increases again. If you run out of RAM it would have the symptoms you describe.

Looks like I have fixed this (Big thanks to Graham). The problem was with the SD card- semi corrupt.
I restored the image on a new sd card and it appears stable again.
Learning about SD cards now :slight_smile: