HASS installed in container configuration backup


Sorry if this is a repeated question, I searched and could not find any answer.

I installed HASS in docker in a Raspberry Pi 4, so far awesome. Managed to create some automation and to connect most of my home devices.
Now it’s time to start to do some dev work, so I’m wondering how to backup my current configuration.
I read about an option in the web-view, however I don’t see this option between [Developer Tools] and [Configuration].

I’m sure I’m missing some easy step, does anyone know what I’m missing ?
Does the configuration resides outside of the container (my guess), if so any advice on best practices to backup and restore from this.



That looks like Home Assistant Container, not HASS. HASS is a container OS / Hypervisor.

Home Assistant Supervised is the Docker-based variant but I see no Supervisor menu.

For Home Assistant Container, everything that needs to be backer up should be in a local volume. The location depends on the Docker command initially used to start the container.

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Thanks @Prodigyplace , I didn’t know about the naming conventions and different versions.
It seems that you are right, I got my config data on the local volume. Awesome !

Sadly that Home Assistant Container does not include the Supervisor option. Do you think it will make sense to move out from the container version to a fully dedicated install on top of the OS ?

Again, thanks !

Actually, HASS is the shorthand for Home Assistant - you’re referring to Home Assistant OS


Not at all. Stick with what you have - your config is wherever you configured it to be.

Look at where you mapped to /config in either your Docker command line, or the compose file.

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Oops. Sorry.

Thanks @Tinkerer and @Prodigyplace .
1st steps are the easy ones, like learning names.

I’ll keep my docker/container HASS running and I’ll tinker, learn and play there!



If you have some SBC that can run Armbian installing everything (Hassio components running in Docker containers) is as easy as typing armbian-config and selecting the appropriate option. More details here, I installed everything in just a few minutes. I am not aware if there is similar option for Raspberry Pi.

Just be warned that that is not a supported Supervised install method as it doesn’t comply with the ADR. It is likely that at some point things will no longer fully function, and you may not be able to upgrade until you address the issues that arise.

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For your info, if you use the default sqllite, stop HASS before doing a backup. I got mine corrupted when restoring :frowning:

Sorry. Does anyone know why nothing is available on the site:
htt p s://raw.githubusercontent.com/home-assistant/*** ?
for example:

Because the shell script to install supervised has been replaced with a .deb file.

Thank you for the clarification. Can you please tell me where I can read about this and find new instructions?

Thanks again :slight_smile: