Hass.io Add-ons: RPi MySensors Gateway

Hass.io Add-ons: RPi MySensors Gateway

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A RaspberryPi has a spi interface. So why don’t connect directly an rf24 device?
This add-on permits to use the RasperryPi GPIO to connect an nRF24L01P device and use it as an internal MySensors.org Gateway.

Info on MySensors pages


!ONLY! nRF24L01P is supported!


The installation of this add-on is pretty straightforward and not different in

comparison to installing any other Hass.io add-on.

  1. Add our Hass.io add-ons repository to your Hass.io instance.

  2. Install the “RPi MySensor Gateway” add-on.

  3. Start the “RPi MySensor Gateway” add-on

  4. Check the logs of the “RPi MySensor Gateway” add-on to see if everything went well.


Note: Remember to restart the add-on when the configuration is changed.

Example add-on configuration:


"rebuild": false,

"log_level": "debug",










"err_pin": 12,

"rx_pin": 16,

"tx_pin": 18



Note: This is just an example, don’t copy and paste it! Create your own!

Info: For detailed specifications go on MySensors pages

Option: rebuild

Force the MySensor build to clean all ONLY FOR TEST

Set it true to enable it, false otherwise.

Option: log_level

The log_level option controls the level of log output by the addon and can

be changed to be more or less verbose, which might be useful when you are

dealing with an unknown issue. Possible values are:


  • debug: Shows detailed debug information.

  • info: Normal (usually) interesting events.

  • notice: Normal (low verbose) interesting events.

  • warn: Exceptional occurrences that are not errors.

  • err: Runtime errors that do not require immediate action.

Please note that each level automatically includes log messages from a

more severe level, e.g., debug also shows info messages. By default,

the log_level is set to info, which is the recommended setting unless

you are troubleshooting.

Option: channel

<0-125> RF channel for the sensor net. [76]

Option: pa_level

[RF24_PA_MAX|RF24_PA_LOW] RF24 PA level. [RF24_PA_MAX]

Option: ce_pin

Pin number to use for rf24 Chip-Enable.

Option: cs_pin

Pin number to use for rf24 Chip-Select.

Option: use_irq

Only applies if external irg pin is connected.

Option: use_irq.rx_buffer

Buffer size for incoming messages when using rf24 interrupts. [20]

Option: use_irq.pin

Pin number connected to nRF24L01P IRQ pin.

Option: use_led

Only applies if led are conneted.

Option: use_led.err_pin

Error LED pin.

Option: use_led.rx_pin

Receive LED pin.

Option: use_led.tx_pin

Transmit LED pin.

Known issues and limitations

  • MQTT is not supported.

  • Serial communication is not supported.

  • RFM69 is not supported.

  • RS485 is not supported.

  • Security is not supported.


Got questions?

You could also open an issue here GitHub.

Authors & contributors

The original setup of this repository is by Lucio Tarantino.