Hass.io and Tivo via telnet client

I’m fairly new to HA and even newer to Hass.io, I’m loving Hass.io as it seems much more stable than my standalone attempts at HA, but feel I’m coming to a bit of a impasse for my knowledge/experience level.

In another HA article someone describes sending commands to their Tivo via Telnet, but also needing to install the Telnet client using - “sudo apt-get install telnetd”, from my basic understanding Hass.io is similar to a virtual machine and so there is a level of separation between it and the underlying OS. Therefore commands such as “sudo apt-get install telnetd” do not work, as programs such as Telnet need to be made in to “Add-ons”.

  1. Is my assumption correct ?
  2. If so I’ve searched and cannot find an Telnet add-on, is anyone aware of one I can use?
  3. There is talk of self creating “Add-ons”, to be honest it sounds a little beyond me at the moment, but if any can point me at an idiots guide I’m more than happy to give it a go.

Thanks in advance,


Great news .54 has added Telnet switch: :grinning: