Hass.io image - can't get samba to start

I just installed the hassos_rpi3-1.13.image and can set up a login and login successfully via my web browser going to hassio.local:8123

The first thing I tried to configure is samba, but it won’t start. I tryed to changed some of the displayed configuration items, but it will not let me save them.

Yes, I am a noob, but could someone let me know what I am doing worng?

This hasn’t even gotten to try to access samba share from my Win10 laptop at this point.

I did try the same thing yesterday on a copy of the 64 bit image on the same Raspberry Pi, and it wouldn’t work for me there either. I did get SSH set up and following some youtube info, I logged in and tried to do an ‘sudo apt-get samba’, and obviously

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You have to put in a password, you can’t leave that field null. If you don’t want a password, use 2 quote marks.

  "workgroup": "WORKGROUP",
  "username": "FILL_OUT",
  "password": "FILL OUT",
  "interface": "",
  "allow_hosts": [

Thanks … Just what this noob needed!

If you already have Windows systems on the network you should also make sure the workgroup matches what you use on your other systems. Workgroup is the default.

With windows10 it is rough trying to get workgroups to work. I can set it up as a network destination to each directory so like Drive U: is mapped to \hassio.local:8123\config for the config file.

But I would love to make it easier to get to the data. I may convert to sftp later.

Thanks for the thought…