Hass io Installation issue

I have finished below steps:
1 .Download the appropriate image for your Raspberry Pi / Intel NUC:
Raspberry Pi 3
2,Flash the downloaded image to an SD card using Etcher.
3.Optional - Setup the WiFi or static IP: On the SD-card, edit the system-connections/resin-sample file and follow the ResinOS howto.

but when I Insert SD card to Raspberry Pi and turn it on. I only see the logo of Home assistant ,see attached pictures. didn’t see the words"~20 minutes" , and after about some minutes , it directly shut off . Could anyone help me how to solve this issue.IMG_0538

Were you able to install it?
I am having the exact same issue.

Light bulb in my head lit up. The problem was that I was expecting installer to use WiFi. You need to connect an Ethernet cable for installer to work.