Hass.io Node Red - Incorrect time zone

Any ideas how to change the time zone/set daylight savings time on the Node Red install from the repository in Hass.io folks?

I am an hour behind at the moment, cant seem to see anything in any options menus.

Do you have the right timezone in Hassio?
Strange, because I had issue when I had Nodered as standalone installation, when installed as addon, the timezone and DST were set correctly.

All fixed, for some reason I didnt have any homeassistant: config in my configuration file, it was only set in Hassio, setting it corrected the system time and Node Red with it.

I noticed the same problem. I removed my time zone from my configuration file so I could just manage it in the HA front end. However, that caused node red to revert to zulu time.

Okay, that didn’t work. I’m still stuck on zulu time in Node Red with EDT in hass.io.

Correction. It did work. It just took some time to propagate through Node Red after a reboot.

I don’t have any timezone config in my config file, just my home assistant timezone in the web interface… still, my node-red is 2hrs behind