Hass.io on Raspberry Pi 3 model B+

I decided to run a Raspberry Pi 3 model B+ with 160 GB SSD.
super stable running my MQTT, Node-RED and mySQL to log data.

I would like to start using HomeAsstant because of the user-interfaces that can be built as I will be adding 20 Sonoff relays and various magnetic sensors to show opoen/closed doors. For that project I need a slick display and Home Assistant seems like the solution.

When will Hass.io support Raspberry Pi 3 model B+ ?

So I am very exites to start using Home Assistant Hass.io.

(Ps: Else I should install on UBUNTU 16.04 Server and later migrate to Pi3 B+)
Who has advice here?

Thanking in advance for help!


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