Hass.io on ubuntu in docker webpage not connecting after restart


I’m new to docker and hassio, so please bear with me.
On a new ubuntu srv i installed hass.io as it is written here: https://www.home-assistant.io/hassio/installation/

It worked. I copiedmy old yaml files from the previous ( virt env ) and again it was reachable, i even installed duckdns addon and configured is.

Then i needed to restart my server…since then i can not reach the webserver…the containers are up and runnning, according to the docker ps -a command.

What can I do to find what is the problem? How can I repair it?

Did you install docker.io directly from the Ubuntu repos or did you follow the directions to install docker-ce?

I did everything as it is written in the guide. Only used the commands listed there.

Execute sudo docker logs container_name - just to check it there is a errors

Next time it happens i will. right now i tried deleting everything and reinstalling.