Hass.io (RPi3B): 'Home Assistant stopped' in logbook and unavailable Samba share afterwards

Hi All,

I’m running HA 0.64.3 with ethernet connection to my router.
At some point I was unable to connect to my HA’s Samba shares over LAN.
In logbook it shows that earlier Home Assistant stopped and in a minute Home Assistant started.
I had to restart it (didn’t check if HA’s fronted was accessible) and then everything went back to normal.
I also have a terminal window with ssh session to the RPi, and from time to time it falls out with “Broken pipe” so I have to ssh again.

What is it and how to avoid/debug it?
I don’t really want my system to quietly go down as I run burglar alarm on it and a dead system means unworking alarm, i.e unprotected house.
Any help appreciated.