Hass.io unable to add official add-ons repository

ive got a new installation of hass.io on a raspberry pi 1B - everything worked without a flaw (following the ‘getting started’ docs) until i came to the section on adding ‘hass configurator’.
there are no add-ons available. im able to add the example repository and it works like a champ.
im even able to add a community repository and it works - im able to view and add items.
but when i try to add the official repository, which im pretty sure is (https://github.com/home-assistant/hassio-addons), i get nothing.
the real fun is that i have no idea where the log files are on the raspi/hass.io image, so i dont have those to dig through.

does anyone have some idea of where i could start to getting the official repo’s working?

Well. It’s working now.
Unplugged Ethernet connection this morning, plugged back in when I sat down to work with it this evening - and now I see all the official add-ons.
The only thing different is the IP address of the raspberry pi, due to the local dhcp server.
Just for giggles I checked the router to make sure nothing was explicitly blocked/allowed for either IP address. I’ve no idea what happened or why , but at least it’s working.

You really should either set a static ip address or reserve an ip address in DHCP for your HA server.