Hass (multiple installation types) cannot see mqtt broker

Hi all,
Had HA running locally on windows 10 machine. Running no issues reading MQTT messages from broker running on same machine.
Decided to upgrade, everything failed.
Installed HA via WSL on ubuntu. Worked fine, integrations working until i got to the MQTT messages from the broker on the same machine… - cant see messages

Ok. reinstall via Hyper V using hass image.

Everything works except… seeing messages from the broker on the same machine…
do i have to have a username and password on the broker? to access messages?

edit: added username and pwd, still doesnt connect
tried (vm machine ip)

Mqtt explorer sees the mqtt topics with no issues.
cant get HA to see them.
test.mosquitto works fine…

Changed from Hyper V as it was using a 172 address to virtual box which is better but the same issue (hot machine with mosquitto broker) works in mqtt explorer but not in HA mqtt (no username and password set for mqtt broker)