HASS OS will not boot with SSD and powered USB hub

I am running HASS OS on a RPi4 and an external SSD which is directly connected via USB3. I also have a HUSBZB-1 connected via USB2. Everything works fine in this configuration.

Recently, I decided to upgrade to a better Zigbee coordinator and figured that i would need more USB power and so bought a powered USB3 hub. The new config is as follows:
HUSBZB-1 → Powered hub (There is nothing else in the hub except for the BZB1)
Powered hub → RPI4 USB3

In this new config, the RPi refuses to boot when rebooted and in fact the LED on the SSD does not come on. It is strange. If I unplug the hub and then reboot and plug the hub back in after the SSD boot starts everything works perfectly.

Has anyone else seen this? If so, is there a workaround that avoids manual plugging and unplugging of the hub?


After additional research, I found this article that summarizes the issue and proposes multiple solutions.