Hassbian Google Calendar

I’ve read a lot now, but I’m not able to integrate a (simple) Card for Google calendar into my HA. I’m NOT using hass.io, but Hassbian.

The google_calendar.yaml file is created and the calendar state can be found.

How can I show a Card with my google tasks and events in Lovelace? And then how can I create a new event?

Sorry for my bad english.

you should have an entry called calendar.[nameofyourcalendar] in your entities.
That entity will give you the next available event.
You can create a template sensor that extracts info about the next available event to be displayed on a lovelace card, but to my knowledge you won’t be able to recreate a fully fledged calendar in lovelace. Similarly you won’t be able to add new events to your calendar from HA.

Ok, too bad. Thank you.
I wanted something like this:

this is a custom card, no reason why you can’t get it if you like it?

Why do you think that card won’t work?