Hassio and resinOS - Turn WiFi off

In the installation of hassio I set up the WiFi in the system-connections/resin-sample file. But after that I decided to only use ethernet. Now I have two connections and IPs and I would like to turn the WiFi off completely.
I already reset the resin-sample file to default without my credentials but it still connects over WiFi.
Could somebody explain me how I can turn the WiFi off?

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+1 I would like to know this as well as I am in the same situation.

Same here, can’t figure out how to undo the wifi.

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I took the microsd card out of the pi and put it in a reader. Went to the boot partition and /system-connections/ folder. Deleted the resin-wifi file, then in the resin ethernet file i changed “never-default” to false. That seems to have done the trick.

I was having the same issue. I shut down my RPi3, put the SD card into my computer and deleted the resin-wifi configuration file. resinOS will setup your ethernet connection by default so you don’t need any configuration file in the /system-connections folder. However, after putting the SD card back into my RPi3 and powering it on with the ethernet cable plugged in, I noticed it was still connecting to my network via WiFi. I turned the RPi3 off again and put the SD card back into my computer. When I did this, I noticed the resin-wifi configuration file appeared in my trash bin. I emptied the trash bin and put the SD card back into my RPi3 and now it’s connecting via ethernet.

Turns out when you delete something, it’s still on the SD card and I guess resinOS was still able to reference it to continue connecting to my WiFi network. Just make sure you empty your trash bin with the SD card in your computer.

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Had the same issue, I ended up needing to mount the SD Card in linux and remove the resin-wifi file from the resin-state partition.

The resin-boot partition’s system-connections folder is one place to look, to remove the settings you have to remove the NetworkManager file from there, but that’s not the whole thing. On boot, the settings from that folder are copied over to the resin-state partition, and are used from there. This is because resin-boot is easy to modify on all OS (being a FAT partition), but not good to use the files from there. resin-state has a root-overlay folder that allows “modifications” of some system files, even the root file system is read-only, as required for example for the network settings management. Are you using Linux as your main machine? If so, then you can check the resin-state partition on the SD card, and root-overlay/etc/NetworkManager/system-connections, and remove your setting from there too. Then it will be wholly removed.

Hope this helps!

Source - Disabling/Turning off WiFi in resinOS

I too made the mistake of experimenting with WiFi settings. I could not go back to ethernet only network connection by any edits to resin-sample.
My only solution was to restore the install hassio image and then restore a snapshot.
(I used my routers DHCP setting to assign the hassio MAC address to a fixed IP address
instead of changing the resin-sample file on the SD card.)
Windows 10 user do not have access the hidden SD card partitions to delete
old network configurations.

Maybe the hassio command (after SSH login) can be extended to add a clear network cache option?

Guys, found a easier solution


Activate your debug SSH. In debug SSH, go to /mnt/state/root-overlay/etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/ and delete all the files in there using rm command


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So in principle, this could be added to the hassio command to clear network settings?

I logged in through ssh to find this this but couldn’t find the directory. Is there something I need to do to get access to the boot partition to do this? Thanks!

It is not regular ssh, it has to be debug ssh with the generated keys on port 22222

Hi, how can i mount the sd card on a windows 10 PC?