Hassio and USB Insteon PLM not working?

Any known issues with USB “passthrough” (in my case with Instion PLM) and hassio on RPi? I did a vanilla HA install on OSX and Hassbian - Insteon worked fine. Reformatted the hassbian Pi with hassio. Identical setup. Doesnt see Insteon or even report any errors in the logs. In both cases /dev/ttyUSB0 (different on the Mac). Under Hassio, unplugging the USB cable from the Pi does make that device disappear.

Only change to the configuration.yaml:


Where SERIAL_PORT is “dev/ttyUSB0” on Hassbian/Hassio.

Hardware: RPi 3B+
HA: .91.1
Hassio Image: hassos_rpi3-2.11

@greenhut Sorry for the late reply here but I know others have insteon working with RPi. Did you ever get this working?

Never got it working with Hass.io. Gave up and got it working without issue in Hassbian.