Hassio automatic login in virtual machine

When using hassio in a virtual machine, is there a way to automatically send the root and ‘ha start’ commands? I would prefer to simply start my VM in headless mode.

Why do you need to login and send a command at all?

Shouldn’t it just start automatically?

If I don’t send those commands, the Android app doesn’t connect. Is there something I’m missing about this?

It should start on its own. You shouldn’t have to start anything at all. Something is broken if you are having to login and start it manually.

Okay, I will rebuild the VM. Thanks.

Hmmm. From the standpoint of a newbie hoping to resolve this issue, “Something is broken” is not an optimal solution.

I’m using the stock official hassio vdi in Virtualbox. It’s configured to always require manual login, and is apparently a write-only image. I would prefer that the system restarts itself after a power failure, without waiting for me to manually type “root” and hit return. That seems like something the system aught to be able to handle on its own somehow.

I wish I could help with this… Mine fully starts on it’s own now. I simply start the VM.

Hi! I have the same issue. I’ve downloaded de .VDI image from the Home Assistant page, created the VM and every time I reboot my VM I need to login as root to start the HA server. Is there any way to disable the authentication?

I’m removing the Solution herein as I’m experiencing this again. I simply moved my VM (intact) and I get the below login screen again. Regardless of what I do, a reboot requires root, etc.

What command is given or settings to allow this to auto-start?


At least in my situation… Although the boot screen appears each time, my HA instance is actually now starting.

My situation is similar, in that I must type “root” for Home Assistant to start. I am unable to connect via mobile app nor am I able to reach it via browser on my local network until I manually type “root” at the homeassistant login: prompt, after that I’m good to go.


I have a scheduled reboot every week at a specific time, and the VirtualBox VM starts as intended.

Is there a setting that I need to change via CLI or otherwise so that I do not have to “login”?

After a few reboots, I did not need to enter credentials… Not sure what to tell ya. I’m guessing this is how it works, though there’s nothing noting it will take a number of reboots to login automatically.