Hassio Integration hassio integration of HmIP-FSI16 switch

Dear colleagues,

has anyone already integrated the Switch Actuator “HmIP-FSI16” from HomeMaticIP in his hassio environment?

The switch can be easily integrated into the HomeMatic CCU. RaspberryMatic CCU version, but then it will not be integrated in my hassio system.
All previous components of HomeMatic can be integrated without any problems (Shutter Actuator etc.)

I don’t know if more information about my question is needed, I would be happy about answers.

With thanks in advance

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Same problem here :frowning:
On https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/homematicip_cloud/ the FSI-16 isn`t listed.
The integration is missing at the Rest-API : https://github.com/coreGreenberet/homematicip-rest-api
[ ] HMIP-FSI16 (Switch Actuator with Push-button Input 230V, 16A)

Thx Neisi.

Regards helfm