Hassio on RPi with Zigbee hub or zigbee2mqtt?

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And also where can I find a list of supported devices for this method?

After flasing, Remove the SD card, plug it back in. Ignore the format errors, find the mounted drive and there you should see some files, and among those files a config.txt file

Thats the problem. After plugging back in I still can’t access the sd card. I get an error message which I keep ignoring but the card doesn’t show up anywhere. I’ve tried flashing it again too but with the same results…

Weird question maybe. But what software do you use on your mac to flash rhe MicroSD cards?

Also have a look at this post: SD Card Full / Out of Disk Space - Proper Fix?

I think you are misunderstanding. It may work, but the word “hub” here is not referring to that device.

For zigbee I use zigbee2mqtt myself.

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I have some IKEA lights and sensors and buttons and remotes and sockets. Some are connected through the IKEA gateway, some are connected through zigbee2mqtt that I got from @h4nc.

My IKEA gateway is connected to home assistant as well using tradfri integration, and is connected to Google Home. I only use the tradfri app for pairing new devices.

I also have some teckin esp8266 wifi sockets and some esp32 (lolin d32) to act as bridges for xiaomi bluetooth temperature sensors.

And I have some nest cameras and protect sensors and thermostat and speakers and Chromecasts, and I’m using Google home.

The cc2531 works well with zigbee2mqtt, lots of options, fine grained control and logging, automation is easy/trivial/great, but I find that WAF is higher with Google Home. OEM product hubs/gateways are easier to integrate with Google Home or Alexa for voice control and routines.

Yes but this is not the google home or alexa forum. Many of us don’t give a fig about google or whoever owns alexa. Especially so since the nest debacle.

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What does WAF mean? https://acronyms.thefreedictionary.com/WAF
You probably don’t mean “Women in the Airforce” :wink:

like most people (and the guy in the video) i use etcher

Anywhere we can get pre-flashed stick?
Do we need flash or something on the zigbee device side, or purely regular setup?

You can get a ton of pre-flashed sticks online off of amazon or ebay. Just look up Zigbe2mqtt usb stick and it should show some with the software ready to go.
The zigbee device you usually have to reset until it shows up in your log as connected and that’s all you’ll have to do.

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this guide is pretty straight forward:


Actually there is nothing wrong with the zigbee2mqtt instructions.

I know. That’s what i said.

But you were pointing to some 3rd party instructions.

Yes, but some of us share a home with other people who we care about and who have opinions - fact of life.

Also, it’s technically not impossible to expose your own HA switches and sensors and things to big cloud integration, it’s just easier if the zigbee gateway/hub vendor has done this for you

Somehow there’s always a bit of FUD (fear uncertainty and doubt) clouding whatever I can make in lovelace, when compared to Google Home app, despite ironically (pun alert) the latter being a free cloud service

I got mine from @h4nc:
Buy a ready2use zigbee2mqtt stick - flashed, antenna mod and printed case

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I do not think this is a good reason to use a 3rd party hub for zigbee. It probably won’t integrate with devices other than the hub vendor’s. It is subject to random and breaking firmware updates (hello Xiaomi) and it’ll probably upload your data to someone who respects your privacy less than you do.

But to counter your main point, ha does work with google and with alexa. Getting an OEM hub just to get google/alexa integration is a red herring on this forum.

I use zigbee2mqtt and am very happy with it. I have Philips Hue, Ikea Tradfri, and Xiaomi devices integrated through it.

It is definitely a more DIY route but if you have the ability or interest, it works very well. The documentation for the project is pretty good so you can read through it to see if it’s within your abilities.

Otherwise the Conbee/Deconz solution seems to be the other most recommended option.