Hassio Tado integration

Hello community, I purchased the first TADO kit ==> Smart Radiator Thermostat - Starter Kit V3+:
This one: https://www.tado.com/us/products/smart-radiator-starter-kit

Then I configure hassio as following (confguration.yaml).
- platform: tado
username: [myuser]
password: [mypass]
home_id: [myhomeid]

Hass.io Version: 0.79.3

The tracker devices are now in my home, but nothing else, is there a way to show data from single Smart Radiator Thermostat?? Like ambient temp, actual temp, etc… as shown in Tado app?? Because I would like to show them in home page, and also interact with them using some automations.

Thank you

DAMN! I forgot the component part :roll_eyes:

  username: [myuser]
  password: [mypass]

Sorry for wasting forum space! :slight_smile:

You could have used the edit button :wink:

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Hi Lucas,

I got the version 2 of the todo thermostat and one Radiator Thermostat.
used only this in my configuration.yaml file

username: [myuser]
password: [mypass]

This is the result

Now I am searching for a solution for this to work in Lovelace .

Sorry, can’t help you, I don’t use lovelace ui