Hassio Virtualbox usb solution

Spend all evening wondering how to connect my usb rfxcom device to hassio.
Finally figured it out and it is so simple :slight_smile:
So thought I would share.

Click on settings, Enable USB EHCI device before starting hassio
Then the next bit is simple right click on the usb icon in the below status bar and add the device.
If the status bar is not sown, press right ctrl + home key and set your view to scaled mode.
or as in my case I had to change the keys as they to press as I don’t have a right control key :smiley: Tools -> prefrences -> input -> virtual machine and under there change the key…

So when you add the usb device by right clicking the usb cable icon, you will note the address of the usb device mine was ttyUSB0

Can you please explain a bit more where to add it?
I have set usb 2.0 that has the only one ehci on VirtualBox, added usbs to the filter, but still no usb under hardware :frowning: