Hassio with Fibaro Roller shutter FGR-222


My setup is RPI3 + Aeon usb stick
I added Fibaro FGR 222 to the setup - i can close and open fully the shutter

I did the calibration with Fibaro

I’m struggling to add position - for example to close the shutter to 80%

Thanks in advance,

Trying to use this code:

- id: '1532456886555'
  alias: Close
  trigger: []
  condition: []
  - data:
      entity_id: cover.fibaro_system_fgrm222_roller_shutter_controller_2_level
      position: 50
    service: cover.set_cover_position

If the shutter was closed it will open till the end
If the shutter was opened - nothing will happen

What am i doing wrong here?

I noticed similar behaviour on my Fibaro roller shutter. Haven’t investigated it yet though. If was thinking I would need to create a little script for using the level. Or perhaps check the z-wave config options to see if there is a related option there. Or check out the Fibaro forums.

I fixed by re-calibration thru Hassio - changing param 29 to 1 (force calibration )