Hassio won't save ssh keys, automation scripts, anything

I have searched and apparently I am the only person with this problem. I am running hassio on an RPi3, updated to 0.50.2. I cannot save a key in the SSHD server page, the save button turns gray as soon as I enter the key. I cannot save automations from the automation editor, the save button stays active but nothing is saved. In sshd, I AM able to save a password, as long as that is the only thing entered in the panel.
The update from 0.50 to 0.50.1 and 0.50.2 went fine, so some things can be saved, just not an ssh key or an automation.

Make sure you put quotation marks around the key.

Yes, that did not work.

Try validating your json using https://jsonlint.com/ or paste a sanitized version here.

SSH just updated to 2.7 and now, with no other changes from my end, the key works

I’m having this problem too, and I already have SSH version 2.7 installed. Any time I make any change in the ssh options text box, the save button gets disabled.

Oops, it was a problem with bad JSON. I had forgotten to put a quote around the key when I pasted it into the authorized_keys array.