Hassio working partially

I have a hassio instance running on a raspberry pi.
It has stopped working partially. This means that I can not ssh it nor access the web-ui and many automations has stopped working. However, it keeps sending me telegram messages, so I guess it is somewhat alive.
Is there something I can do to check what it is doing? Or I need to just plug it to an HDM cable and check there? In case I do this last thing, hassio does not allow me to login or do anything directly, so seems that I’m basically screw, right?

Good luck. Mine started doing this because it was corrupted. If you can SSH into it, there are a couple of things that you can try, but they did not work for me. So, I needed to do a fresh install. But that does not work either. It boots up, but never installs the docker images. I cannot find a way to debug, and no one has anything to suggest. My HA has been down for a few days now, and may never be running again. Sigh.