HassKit - An Elegant Home Assistant Control App


Anyway of porting this to a windows environment?

Great all round app and i would to use on my large touchscreen wall mount monitor running windows.


Hi guys version 4.x is ready to to serve.

The new version bring a deeper integration into Home Assistant. You can now register #HassKit as a Mobile App and allow sending notification and update location directly into Home Assistant. No additional custom component required.

For more detail, please read this guide:

Currently the only way to change dimming is long press to bring the detail control

You can add a webview and click the pencil icon to change the URL, the webview can display any website you want.

Hi, is the problem fixed by the new update?

The app is written in Flutter platform which support iOS and Android only.

However, new beta Flutter support export project directly to a web service which can use on any environement including windows.

I’ll port the project to web when the Flutter web support reach the stable version.

unfortunately no, i got the “404” message again!
for more information i have hassio on ubuntu

(thank you very much for the icons!)

this is the first time user report having issue with error 404.

Can you contact me on discord for debugging?

Thank you.

Is there any way to remove a background image once one has been selected? When I try to choose one of the standard wallpapers, it works fine at first, but always reverts to the image later on.

Very nice job, it’s a great intuitive interface. Thank you!
I got an issue with Dyson integration. I can’t find how to turn it on and off. It works well with the official Home Assistant Android app.

Thank you, fixed in next update

I’m working on a fix, that a strange fan with 10 speed so my code broken on that part.

Hi, I love the app and already wrote a loving review about it in the playstore. There are just a few things I would like to suggest. At first I would like to see the colorpicker like a circle, just like the way it is in homeassistant (see screenshot).

The left is what it is right now and on the right is the circle I would suggest.
Also I would like to see the hex values copy and paste-able so you can copy colors from the interweb. The last suggestion I would like to make is an easy way to open the device info page, right now you have to hold the ‘on/off’ button in order to get into this screen. But if I want to change the color of a light, I don’t want to hold a button, I just want to click a button to get into the colorpicking UI.
I love your app and good luck with further updates. I am looking forward to them!

Super impressed with the WAF ness of this.

Well done!

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HassKit written in Flutter and unfortunately, there’s no available color picker that look like Home Assistant version. I’ll keep searching if there is any.

Thank for the review Darren, I hope coming update will serve you well too.

And how about a colorpicker like this? This one seems a bit easier to work with than the one in HASSkit.

By the way, what do you think of the idea that there is a little information tile on top of the light tiles. Right now if you want to open the information about a light to see its colorpicking UI, you have to hold down the tile. But this way you have to hold down the tile and you can’t quick click to get into the UI. If there is a small clickable info tile on top of the normal tile, you would be able to switch between lights easier and faster. As an example, I quickly made something in photoshop (see photos), but I’m sure you can do it a thousand times better!

Right now, as far as I know, flutter only support 1 click zone in a button, so this is not possible.

And that new cicle color is not better than what we have I think.

Well, too bad. Thanks for the quick replies and the nice app tho!