Hassos 4.10 and RPI4

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Is it safe to update RPI4 to the Hassos from 3.13 to the latest 4.10 after all the issues created by previous updates?

I just upgraded from 4.9
First boot did not work. Had the samba server and mysql add-ons up and running but no home assistant.
Hard rebooted (pulled the plug) and it then booted as normal.
Am running a rpi4 4gb with the boot partition on a 16gb SD card and the data partition on an external ssd.

Ok, thanks for the info… i’ll try the update later…

FWIW, my rpi was inaccessible after the 4.8 upgrade, although fortunately it rolled back after 3 failed boots. Just did the upgrade from 3.13 to 4.10 and appears to work fine. This is just one data point, but whatever they did fixed the problem I had with 4.8.

Hi, I just upgraded from 4.9 > 4.10
Frontend seems not to be avaliable http://URL:8123 gives error ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE

SSH available.
Restart through SSH doesn’t help
also a hard reset (RPi power interrupt, doesn’t work)

info about my system:
arch: armv7
channel: stable
docker: 19.03.8
hassos: “4.10”
homeassistant: 0.109.6
hostname: hassio
logging: info
machine: raspberrypi3
supervisor: “227”

  • armv7
  • armhf
    timezone: Europe/Brussels

any tips and tricks please?

Ok, I remembered that I had issue with Duckdns. I was busy implementing https (but it never worked :laughing: )

Through Samba, I went to the configurations.yaml. and commented the http-block
after restarting HA through ssh I was able again to access the frontend of HA.

I wanted to share my solution :slight_smile:

Now getting the https to work, but that’s for another thread :+1: