HassOS 4.8 - why now?

I am running:
HassOS 3.13
Supervisor 225
HA 110.4

I’ve been running 3.13 for some time.

Today suddenly I discover an Update Available via Supervisor -> Dashboard that 4.8 is available.

1 - why haven’t I been seeing the intermediate upgrades… like 4.0?
This is my main question. Disconcerting that it just pops up with so many missing interval releases…

2 - Is it ok to upgrade in place to 4.8 from 3.13? I’ve done it on incremental but going to 4.x is a bigger step… How did I miss that?

Build 3.13 was released in April, so not so long ago. Since then only Pre-releases happend.

I just updated and it looks good - no error logs for now.

well there I go Thanks Florian. I presumed I missed some versions but didn’t.

The 4.8 update has broken several installs. Be sure to use caution and back up before proceeding.

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Noted and part of the plan. I will be watching for a day or two before I jump in! Tnx for the reminder.

Don’t. Did mine this morning. It’s now toast.

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I have tried to update three times now. It fails and Lovelace will not load. I restart system several times and it finally loads. what now