HassOS help please: how to access /share from a docker container added w/ Portainer

Hi all,

trying to switch from my Arch Linux “supervised” (deprecated) docker to HassOS, I need to run JellyFin on the same RasPI4 than HassOS, using the /share directory read-write, pretty much as MotionEyeOS and others already do.

Encouraged by this OpenMediaVault 5 video I used the HassOS Portainer addon to add the JellyFin stack+container with this docker-composer config:

version: "2.1"
    image: linuxserver/jellyfin
    container_name: jellyfin-arch
      - PUID=0
      - PGID=0
      - TZ=Europe/Rome
      - UMASK_SET=022 #optional
      - /share/JellyFin:/config
      - /share/Media:/data
      - 8096:8096
    restart: unless-stopped

Temporarily using the SSH addon as Protected=NO, in HassOS inside the existing /share I created the directories JellyFin (empty) and Media (with a small video within as /share/Media/Movies/mymovie.avi).

Below is the error returned regardless of both “Protected=” YES or NO, adding SYS_ADMIN privilege, chmod 777 and a bunch of unsuccessful composer tricks found on the 'net:

Btw, /share is mounted rw on sda instead of mmc because the hassos-data partition is on a SSD:

➜  ~ mount | grep share
/dev/sda1 on /share type ext4 (rw,relatime,stripe=8191)

Please help me sort out this, thanks.

P.S.: before you suggest Plex, I strongly prefer JellyFin because it gives to me more than enough features, it doesn’t require a registration, and it’s a lot more privacy-savvy than Plex.

Edit: corrected typos.

Try unmask 000
And privileged=true

@juan11perez thanks for the reply, unfortunately nothing changed :frowning: