HassOS on NUC keeps breaking after reboot

i switched from Debian 12 + Hass to HassOS, with the idea because i am not so into linux this would be easier to maintain. Big mistake.

I have installed HassOS with the balena Etcher. Every x reboot i it keeps hanging on waiting for CLI… i know now i need to do ctrl+al+F2 and rename the label by using “e2label /dev/sda8 hassos-data” okee… but the NUC hangs in a closet, getting it out everytime is a no go.

Also often after updates (today => 10.4) i get invalid filesystem. There is nothing more i did then a normal HASS update. shouldn’t this proces be rock solid, even more when using HassOS?

I have switched NUC and SSD already.

Reflashed the disc with 10.4 and will import backup… again…

Any ideas otherwise i will go back to Debian + Hass, more difficult for me but way more stable.

Edit: did a new flash and immediately the “waiting for CLI”… so i had to rename the label straight after a new start…

I’m sorry to hear you are having trouble with HAOS, it has been very stable for me for the last few years and should not be causing you this much grief.

Have you reported any of these issues to the home-assistant OS repository on github?

No didn’t think of that, i always come here.

There are a large number of different hardware platforms all under the " Generic x86-64" install. It may be that there is some hardware support that needs to be added for your particular system. You can report issues here:

Tried to created a new topic under bug report. Don’t know why but i cannot push proced at the bottom. (@ Github)

You need to fill out all the sections marked with a red asterisk *

Yes, sorry. i totally missed one square (with an *).