HassOS - Slow restart HA 64bit

Yesterday i migrated from a Pi3B (resinos-hassio) to a Pi3B+ (hassos-hassio).
It’s easy enough using a full snapshot!

  • Downloaded 64bit version
  • Copied snapshot to the /backup folder
  • Then i’ve restored the selected snapshot (not wipe and restore)
  • Remember to give new device the same static ip as the old.

All went well, only the restart HA takes forever in comparison to previous hassio on pi3b(non +).
I work with packages, so restart HA after each change. So this might be a reason to switch back.

  • Is it a 64bit thing?
  • Does anyone have same experience with the 32bit variant?

I switched back from HassOS 32 bit same reason. Resin seem much quicker during OS reboot . HA restart also seems faster ( not timed anything) in resin. AS running on Pi3 will wait until HassOS settles down.

Thanks! So you can confirm the 32bit version has the same issues?
Hope with future updates it will get better.
I’ve got a Pi3B+…so there’s no going back to ResinOS :sweat_smile:

Resin seeming much quicker is all relative though obviously, still takes ages, just not quite so many :slight_smile:

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Have only run the 32bit version of HassOS but significantly slower then resin