Hassos vs supervised on debian on proxmox. Pros and cons?

So I’m doing a server rebuild and will be using proxmox for the new machine. I would like to run home assistant on it also. I know there are a few methods to install on proxmox, but I want the supervised install and I do use Bluetooth so it looks like a lxc is out.
So what are the pros and cons of the hassos install vs the supervised on debian install?
Any differences in performance between the two?


First lets tackle the performance. Since you are fiddling with proxmox and the rest, I infer that you are (more than) familiar with technology to understand that performance is mainly related to the complexity of the HA, integrations, etc, as well as the overall user experience that you want to achieve. 200 ms difference between different environment may or may not be significant for the end user.

Now for the more difficult question, I found this video on youtube that raises an interesting perspective: You are going to spend time with home automation. Depending on what is your passion and appetite for technology drives your choices. Personally i’m new on HA and i have spent the last two weeks trying different installations and methods on different devices (rasp PI, new windogs laptop with Virtualbox, old Centos server with KVM, etc) to settle finally with an old Dell laptop with Ubuntu and hassos running on kvm. It seems to give me adequate performance (i3 with 4 GB RAM) , the benefits of a VM environment, enough flexibility to build on it in the future and moderate consumption on electricity. I believe that any installation on small devices (rasp pi, etc) is short lived if you are going to be serious with home automation, but at the same time a good cheap starting point for experimentation.

So take into consideration the end-goal. Are you going to integrate a couple of devices and finish with smart home, or is it going to be a long term project on which you will keep adding stuff?

Please also note that the above are only my 2 cents and nothing more.

No, performance depends mostly on your hardware.

With Supervised + debian you need to maintain the host OS yourself and need to adhere strictly to the policies that HA sets, otherwise your system will be unsupported and/or unhealthy, which lead to quite some complications just recently with an incompatible docker update.
The pro is that you can install other stuff on the machine, but due to the fact that you run Proxmox, you can just as well run other services that are not available as an addon on a separate VM/LXC.

Thanks for the replies.
If the performance is pretty much the same then I’ll likely go with hassos to keep it simpler.

Something that came up today was the google coral.
It is tentatively in my plans to get a pci-e version of the coral for the new build.
I’m sure there would be no issue using the coral in debian even if it makes it an unsupported install, but what about HassOs?