Have problem with presence simulation

Have watched several videos on this and have installed it. Using 2023 9 0.
Even if I only add one light, it will not switch on let alone a group.
Have the switch in my dashboard but if clicked it just toggles itself off again.
Cannot see anything in its log just an entry showing it off.
Can anybody suggest what I should look for to get it working?

Mine seems to be working OK, although I’m still on 2023.8.4.

Basic question (sorry!)… How many days history do you keep, and is the delta in the configuration less than that?

Just as a start chose 7 days. Random time 1 refresh 30

Don’t know what to suggest, I’m afraid - my configuration is the same, except my random time is 0. No current issues on Github.

Ok working now. It was my own stupid fault. Instead of using the entity or group “securitylights” I should have used “light.securitylights”

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Been there, done that, got the T-shirt. :grin: