Having trouble seeing my remote NUT client

I am trying to get UPS statuses from various UPS’s in my house connected to Home Assistant. I saw NUT, and thought that it would be a good solution. I set up NUT server on a raspberry pi that is connected by usb to a UPS (“office-closet”). I configured the NUT integration in Home Assistant and everything went well. However, I am now trying to now add another UPS connected to a ubuntu server running NUT in my basement in standalone mode (“basement-ups”). When I query this UPS from my NUT server with ‘upsc’, I can get the information from it fine. For some reason though, Home Assistant will not populate this UPS information and I am unsure why.

My thought is that it is because the basement ups is in ‘standalone’ mode rather than ‘netclient’. However, when I change to ‘netclient’, it shows that my UPS is unavaible and I am unable to connect at all. It is a USB connection for what its worth. I’m unsure if something is configured wrong or what is going on, but any help would be greatly appreciated.