Heating Controller recommendation (simple on/off, single zone, oil-fired heating, Ireland/EU)

I’m looking for hardware recommendations or if anyone has experience of a similar setup would appreciate any thoughts!

Currently heating is controlled by an “Flash Immermat” timer switch. It’s rated 16A.
4 wires connected, 2 live(permanent/switched) and 2 neutral.
There’s no zones, no thermostat, nothing fancy.
I’m looking for something that would be a relatively straight swap. I want to set up an automation to read temperatures from my aqara sensors and turn on and off the heating accordingly.

Want: control via HA and manual control via physical button(for those in the house who dont use HA), fits a single gang and works with existing wiring.

Do not want: cloud or subscription. TRVs or individual room control. Just on/off for the boiler.

I have HA running on linux server, connectivity options are conbee 2 for zigbee, broadlink rm pro for 433mhz RF remote, wifi.

Thanks for reading if you got this far.

For anyone who ends up here on a search:

Went with the MoesGo “BHT-002-GBLZBW” and so far so good.