Heatmiser integration?

looking to purchase heatmiser 2 channel switch …

but not sure if it is supported?

found this config but no mention of the switch just thermostats…

i read on these forums that heatmiser have claimed that HA plugins are obsoleted by their new stats?

Oh, and would i need the neo hub or would the HA RF plugin take it’s place?

so i guess question is how would i config the switch and which stat is compatible?

sorry, I’m learning, trying to find resources, showing you what I’ve done, just need help over the finish line.

Hi There folks,

I was looking for the Heat Miser integration method for Home Assistant and came across this thread. Great, it exists and I installed it all OK Now I added a switch card to my Lovelace and that will turn on and off the Hot Water and my gas boiler.

Next I wanted to Automate the process a bit so that on days when there is not enough Solar to heat my water tank using spare solar and the Electric Element, that the Heat Miser Automation would check how many hours the Electric Element had been turned on that day and if less than xx it would turn on the Gas boiler via the Het Miser Integration.

So here is my issue, while for the manual switch in Lovelace I can use the entity created by the integration “switch.hot_water” that entity is NOT available in the Automaton When I get to the Action and select “Device” then enter “switch.hot_water” it is not recognised by HA. There is an entity called “Neo-Hub Hot Water” but if I select that it does not allow any action state to be set…Just greyed out…

I can fint the switch.hot_water in the configuration/entities and looks like this:

You can see where my Neo Stat water timer came on between 17:00-18:00

Would anyone have come across this type of problem before? What was seemingly a simple process has stopped me in my tracks :slight_smile:

An update on my above issue. I noticed that this entity does not have a device_id whereas all other automations with switches have a device_id as well as the device_entity as part of the automation. So would someone be able to advise how I’m supposed to give an entity its own device_id? Would I have to specify that in a “switches.yaml” somewhere?