Heaty will die, Schedy be born!


@blitzkneisser The motion_light app is marked as deprecated in the Changelog already. I’ll add an example to the tips and tricks page soon, but you can try using the open window detection example to build it yourself using the switch actor type.


that is less reliable.
because you can change that by accident and it doesnt show if the week is odd or even.
but it works, so why dont you want to use that?

you probably have way more automations, scripts settings, etc. that need to be different every 2 weeks.
so its only logical to use something like that.

im not a real template guy but it would be something like

  - platform: template
        friendly_name: "even week"
        value_template: "{{ now()|timestamp_custom("%W") }}" 

that should give the weeknumber and then you need to compare round((weeknumber/2),1) with float(weeknumber/2)
i hope that it points to the right template.


@radar Here you go, crontab-like definitions in range strings :slight_smile:

Docs have been updated accordingly.


Thanks @roschi. Is it dependent on the week number and */2 will trigger every even week, right?
@ReneTode: I agree that an input_boolean which is updated every friday is not reliable. However, it has the advantage to alternate weeks which keeps working in the case of odd number of weeks in a year.


The example for motion triggered lights has been added to the tips and tricks page. Couldn’t test it yet, but you are free to play the guinea pig :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot. I’ll check it out when I have time and give you feedback


@roschi you changed all the occurrences of temp to v in the latest doc starting from here.


That’S the documentation of Heaty, not Schedy, but yes, what’s wrong with that?


I don’t see what v stands for, so I thought it was a mistake.


It’s explained in the previous chapter: Writing Schedules. It’s an abbreviation for value. But anyway, you shouldn’t use Heaty anymore. It’s deprecated.


I definitely need to get a break. Sorry.


@blitzkneisser Ok thanks. When that’s verified to work I’m going to get the release ready.


Can I check on contiguous schedules please?

- { v: 19.0, start: "04:00", end: "05:00", weekdays: "6-7" }
- { v: 20.5, start: "05:00", end: "23:00", weekdays: "6-7" }

Should the start finish be 1 minute apart so 59 & 00 or 00 & 01?


@baz123 No gap is required in between.


Is there any way to tell schedy to re-apply the schedule on changes of particular switches / values?


  • I return home, so presence is true so I want the normal schedule to run.
  • I turn on a boolean switch (schedule enabled) and want the schedule to run again.


You can fire the schedy_reschedule event. Just make an automation based on the boolean switch.

Like this, example from heaty, but should be the same:

  platform: state
  entity_id: input_boolean.vacation_mode
  from: 'off'
  to: 'on'
  - event: heaty_reschedule
      room_name: bedroom


@TriStone Okay, that does the trick, thanks!
I just find it a bit “complicated” when you have to add separate conditions in a “different system” (HA) for that.

(@roschi) Might be a good thing if there was something like “reschedule_bindings” where one can add one or multiple variables to watch / trigger a reschedule event?


This is partially available in heaty. In shedy I am not sure. It seem not to be present for first quick look.

  module: hass_apps_loader
  class: HeatyApp
  master_switch: input_boolean.heating_enabled


@Tobias_Schlottke Schedy should be as lean as possible, hence functionality easily available in HA won’t be replicated in Schedy. The events supported by Schedy are explained in the Events chapter in the documentation.

@TriStone That’s why the master switch functionality was removed from Schedy as well.

EDIT: You can create a single automation to emit the schedy_reschedule event and just add all entities to be watched to the state trigger.


I would like to create an adaptive thermostat with Schedy which calculates the moment it starts heating up based upon the temperature difference of the actual room temperature and the wanted temperature.
I was thinking to have 2 schedules one which starts a fixed time at which the room as to be heated up e.g 2h in advance. This schedule calculates the start moment for the other schedule which has the thermostat actor.
After the start moment is calculated the schedy_rescedule is called to make it aware of the new start time.

Would this work or is there a simpler way to obtain this.

To further improve this I would also like to calculate the off moment based upon the outside temperature. I expect this can work the same way.

It is for heating a sea scout building a few ties a week. Especially the possibility to have a month schedule is what attracts me to Schedy. The whole summer they are out sailing heating is only needed in winter when they do maintenance.