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Hello everyone!

I’m developing a custom component for communicating with devices utilizing Hekr protocol. So far discovered platforms are Chinese HIKING TOMZN Power Meter and Elro Connects. The latter is not yet supported, however a soon-to-be future update will provide a theoretical integration.

Basic features

At this point in time, the component supports:

  • installation via HACS;
  • configuration via YAML and GUI (Config Flow);
  • Cloud and LAN device communication
  • Supports following devices:
    • HIKING (TOMZN) DDS238-4 W Wireless power meter (single/triple phase)
      • Power meter state
      • Switch on/off
    • …more to come!

Elro Connects Implementation Status

I am looking for people owning Elro K1 (SF340A) connector to test implementation. Contact me here on the forum (or via email) would you be willing to aid in testing, or have any other suggestion about the add-on!