Help a newbie from losing his mind please

I Cannot access has hassio.local or access home assistant using the IP address.

The last line of command is : power management disabled.

I’m very new to Home assistant and rasberry PI.

It was set up ok and I added the random value sensor to configuration.yaml as it says it in the instructions and restarted HA.

Now it says the site can’t ebe reached and I’m unable to access ha

you probably have an issue with your config. Did you test your config before restarting?
If you can ssh into your HA installation, check your log and check your script:

I got the configuration valid confirmation but I’m no longer able to access HA. I may have to look Into the ssh route.

It’s funny, my PI arrived yesterday lunchtime and I was convinced I would have it all running by dinner. I’m basically back where I started :roll_eyes:

perhaps your ip got banned, check the ip_ban.yaml in your config folder - about the random value sensor i don’t know…

I get this all the time when I use a cheap Chinese HDMI to VGA adapter so I can connect an old monitor. I read somewhere that somehow the adapter confuses the power management on the R Pi. Apparently it’s safe to ignore it, at least for a while. Normally I run headless so it’s not an issue.

I haven’t tried that sensor, but I’ve had others which, even when the instructions are strictly followed, caused HA to not start. Also, the instructions are usually incomplete. A lot of prior knowledge is assumed in much of the documentation here. And finally, make sure the configuration.yaml was saved in UTF-8 format. That bit me once.

Is it safe to assume you have a backup copy of a working configuration.yaml?

Can you ping your previous address? make sure eth/wifi is conneced?
Are you using the correct address? http:// or https://
Do you have any way to access hassio? through ssh or samba ?

I went for a fresh install and I can now access it.

When trying to configure the configurator I get the following error message

‘not a valid value for dictionary value @ data[‘options’]. Got {‘username’: ‘jake’, ‘password’: ‘***********’, ‘certfile’: ‘fullchain.pem’, ‘keyfile’: ‘privkey.pem’, ‘ssl’: False, ‘allowed_networks’: [‘’], ‘banned_ips’: [‘’], ‘banlimit’: 0, ‘ignore_pattern’: [‘pycache’], ‘dirsfirst’: False}’

I added "enforce_basepath": false to the bottom and the error doesn’t appear